GMOs and The Fight for our Food Supply & The Existence of the Human Race

Monday, May 27th, 2013
Getting Ready for the March Against Monsanto on May 25, 2013 here in Tampa, Florida

Getting Ready for the March Against Monsanto on May 25, 2013 here in Tampa, Florida

The March Against Monsanto was a world wide event that took place on May 25, 2013 with over 2,000,000 people from numerous countries across our world and I was honored to be part of it.  I have been speaking about the issue of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our food supply for at least the last 20 years.  When I would talk to people about it, they would look at me like I was crazy – family included.  Finally, the public (and family)  is starting to wake up from the food induced trance that GMOs and processed foods have caused along with many other illnesses and diseases.

Monsanto is the main company that is producing GMOs and is also the producer of chemical herbicides and oh yes, did I forget to mention Agent Orange.  It is a multi-billion dollar corporation that has infiltrated our Government.  The last poll that was taken showed that over 90% of the American public wants labeling of products that have GMOs in them.  I and many other people would rather have them banned, but labeling is a start.  Many countries in Europe have either labeled foods with GMOs or outright banned them.  GMOs have not been tested to see what the effects of changing the genetic DNA of a plant by inserting genes or bacteria or whatever from a total unrelated species into that plant will have on human health.  Hungry burned their GMO crops and banned any future planting and China turned away three ships filled with GMO corn and there are many more stories like these.  Yet the United States refuses to label them.

Recently, Congress passed the Monsanto Protection Act which basically states that if in the future, GMOs are found to cause harm to human health, Monsanto cannot be sued or held liable.  PEOPLE, this should outrage you!  It does me!  I would think that the phone lines to your congress person would be lighting up in every state!

To add injury to insult, just last week, Congress passed legislation taking away the States right to label GMOs.  Several states have passed their own legislation stating they want GMO’s labeled and others are trying to pass legislation to do the same.  These State’s constituents have gathered the necessary signatures and petitions to request that such labeling be allowed and voted on by the people.  Yet, Congress has overreached and taken away the State’s right and your right to vote on this issue.  We live in a democratic society the last time I checked.  Our freedoms are being taken away right under our noses. Outrageous!

So why should you be concerned about GMOs?  BECAUSE NATURE DID NOT INTEND to have a bacteria with a chemical called Roundup Ready inserted into the DNA of corn to make the corn more resistant to pest and disease – which studies are showing is having the exact opposite – they are having to use more and more chemicals on these crops (is it a coincidence that Monsanto sells that chemical?).  So what I am saying is, when you have your Fourth of July party this year and your Uncle Carl boils up those delicious ears of corn you look forward to every year – you are eating a pesticide that has been genetically inserted into the corn (no you cannot wash it off) and also eating any additional pesticides that were sprayed on the plant because they are needing more and more.  It is like a double assault on your immune system.    But it is not just corn, it’s also soy and canola too and any product that contains high fructose corn syrup is GMO which is in just about every processed food out there.   Soy is also in many of these too.  Did I also mention that most live stocks animals (cows, chickens, pigs, etc.) are fed a diet of  GMO corn and soy.  Then you wonder why your mother has breast cancer, your father has prostrate cancer, your brother has ADHD and on and on.  Yet, most Americans are choosing to look the other way and not be bothered with it.  Jr. has a baseball game and we just don’t have time to eat real food and can just eat at the concession stand or go through a drive thru.  We are one of the sickest Nations in the World and also the most obese and our children are not expected to live as long as we are.  Is this not telling us that something is wrong with our food and environment.

Monsanto has also been allowed to patent seeds or I should say “LIFE”.  Once they change the DNA, it is now considered a “product” and they own the rights to it.  SEEDS are the very foundation upon which human life depends and Monsanto is allowed to change their DNA and own them?  Also, if farmers use GMO seeds, they are not allowed to collect the seeds from their harvest.  Those seeds are owned by Monsanto and the farmer has to pay Monsanto again to replant his fields.  Get this, if those seeds blow into non-GMO fields and propagate, Monsanto can now go and sue that non-GMO farmer for damages for using their seeds.  WOW!  This has actually happened.   This sounds like a plot out of a horrible scientific movie, yet it’s real and it is happening right here in the United States.  Not only that, Monsanto is pushing their mutant seeds on other countries and have been using them as “test sites”.  Animals in India that were feeding on GMO cotton where found dead in the fields.  Their stomachs exploded.  Really!  But, don’t worry Monsanto has your best interest in mind, they would not sell anything to harm you.

To top it all off, Monsanto is also buying up all the seed companies which include heirloom seeds.  No one should be allowed to own all the seeds.  There is a saying – “Control the food supply, control the people”.  Makes you wonder what Monsanto is up to?

Last but not least, lets look at what is happening to the bee population.  Scientist just can’t figure out why all the bees are dying.  Hmmmmm, let me ponder this for a moment and try and come up with a scenario.  The bees natural food supply is being mowed down to make room for more corn, soybean, cotton etc. to be planted and more land is being cleared for cattle to graze on etc.   We also mow all the areas where weeds grow or spray pesticides  – usually Round Up – on them so they won’t come back.  The bees are left without natural plants and flowers to feed and pollinate and are left to feed on and pollinate you guessed it – GMO crops.  Bingo!  Also guess what people, if there are no bees to pollinate the crops, there is no food for us to eat!  That should scare the pants off everyone!

WAKE UP PEOPLE!  Don’t turn the other way.  No one else is looking out for you.  You are going to have to get involved in this one.  Educate yourself on GMOs and then educate your family, your friends, your neighbors, churches, organizations anyone and everyone needs to know about GMOs.  There are many articles and movies that address this topic (although mainstream media is burying this issue so that the people will not find out).  Contact your legislatures, write a letter to the White House, join marches, start marches, join and donate to organizations like the Organic Consumer’s Association, Just Label It, The Union of Concerned Scientist, The Institute for Responsible Technology, March Against Monsanto and many more who are fighting for these issues.  They need your donations to fight powerful lobbyist and corporations like Monsanto even if it’s $5.00 every amount adds up.

You need to get involved!  We live in a democratic society, yet we choose not to participate.   One person can make a difference.  The march that occurred on May 25, 2013 was the result of one woman who started with an idea to have a march.  She made a difference and you can too!  Join the fight for the survival of the Human Race – Yes, that includes you! 

P.S. the next March Against Monsanto is scheduled world wide for October 12, 2013.  Put it on your calendar now.  Don’t make excuses that you are too busy.  Take your children out of their sports for the day.  Teach them to be an activist for things that matter and this does matter – it’s for their survival too!

Yours in Health,


The Journey To Health & Well-Being

Monday, April 8th, 2013


DSC06832Health is the most precious gift we can have, yet we so often take it for granted.  You can look around today and see so many people suffering.  It truly breaks my heart and that is why I am on a mission to educate as many people as possible on how to change their health from sickness to wellness.  No one likes change, but usually it is not until we have a health crisis or what I like to say “A  Wake Up Call”, that one starts to think about making changes to their current lifestyle.  Once they make that choice, it can become overwhelming where to start and that is where I come in to guide you.  There are many paths to wellness, you just need to find the one that is right for you.

For all of the years that I have been studying natural health (20 + years) and out of all the lifestyles I have followed – too many to explain here – the one thing that I can say truly made a difference in my life is the change to eating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole foods and juicing.  This too was a challenge because when most people think of doing this, the first thing that comes to mind is salad and steamed vegetables.  I too was in that rut and would “fall off the wagon” for a while and then go back.  It was not until I started researching recipes and other lifestyles that I came across Hallelujah Acres.  I went to Rev. Malkmus’ seminar “You Don’t Have to be Sick” (which I highly recommend) and then decided to volunteer at the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Plant City, Florida to learn how to make fresh whole living foods that actually taste good.  I have to say my first venture was a little scary.  The menu called for a raw collard green salad and I was not fond of collard greens in general whether raw or cooked.  I was thinking to myself, okay Dessa you are going to need to be polite and just decline that dish.  But what happened was everyone else was eating it and saying how good it was, so how could I not try it.  To my surprise, it was absolutely delicious!  I went back for seconds and made sure at the end of my day volunteering, I had that recipe in my hands.  I can also say that since then all the recipes that I have made have been wonderful.  That experience also gave me the tools to equip my kitchen with the proper appliances so that making these nutritionally dense foods that heal and nourish our bodies is easy.

We have since made the raw collard green salad in my health & wellness classes and everyone has raved how good it is.  So there, you can eat raw foods that taste good.  The site is full of recipes that are delicious and full of health building nutrition.  The one thing I love about site is they give you all these recipes for free along with other great information to improve your health.  There are many sites out there that offer you a wealth of great information, the challenge is to educate yourself.

So with all my new knowledge, I decided to start making these healthy dishes, continue juicing and, more recently, back to sprouting again.  I believe all of these things provide the body with the nutrients to feed the body at a cellular level and start to repair the damage that we have done to our precious bodies (before we knew better and when we knew we shouldn’t have, but did anyway).  Most people are working at a real deficient depending upon the lifestyle they live(d) so it will take time and commitment, but if you stick with it – Your body has the ability to heal itself.   No drug is going to give you the building blocks to create new healthy cells and tissues.  It all comes from the food we eat. The healthier the food, the healthier the new cells and tissues.  So challenge yourself to start making healthy lifestyle changes now before you get your “Wake up Call”.  Small steps can lead to huge benefits when it comes to your health.  Take the challenge!  Yours in Health, Dessa!