Wellness Consultations:                             $65.00 (1 – 2 hours)

Follow up visits:                                          $45.00

Phone Consultations:                                 $50.00 (1 hour)

Phone Follow ups:                                      $15.00 (15 minutes)

Ear Seeding:                                               $15.00

Reiki Healing Session:                                $45.00

Healthy Kitchen Makeovers:                       $35.00 (hour)

Health Food Store Tours:                            $45.00 (private)

Educational Lectures:                                  $  TBD

Healthy Food Prep Demos:                         $  TBD

Juicing Demos                                             $  TBD

Corporate Wellness Seminars:                                   $ TBD

Wellness Business Consulting                                    $75.00 (per hour)

Elite Private Wellness Coaching Program                  $ TBD


Wellness By Dessa also carries the following products for purchase:

Juicers:   Omega VRT330 Juicers, Champion Juicers and Green Star Juicers

Hallelujah Acres Health Products

Health Books  & DVD’s

*TBD – To Be Determined


Why Should I Consult with Dessa?

Wellness By Dessa

Wellness By Dessa


I just want to feel good again!  That’s what I hear from most of my clients.  But yet, they don’t know what they are doing wrong.  In today’s Standard American Diet (SAD), we are doing everything wrong.  Too much sugar, salt, meat, diary, alcohol, caffeine, prescription drugs, not enough exercise, too much stress, not enough time, not enough sleep . . .

Q. Why should you consult with Wellness By Dessa?

A. Dessa has studied natural health for the past 20 years.    She incorporates many different approaches to wellness.  She believes that it first starts with food and she will educate you on which foods you can incorporate into a healthy lifestyle and how to do it. Then, if you are up for it – she will introduce you to juicing – a great way to feed your body the nutrition it needs to build healthy cells and tissue.  From there, we can introduce nutrients that can help with specific imbalances and for maintenance in the form of wholefood supplements, herbs, teas, and tinctures. We may also introduce cleansing and detoxing programs if needed.

Q. What can I expect from my first visit (Please allow 1 -2 hours for first visit)?

A. Dessa is not a medical doctor, she does not diagnose illnesses or prescribe medications.  We will talk about your health history and any concerns you are currently experiencing and your goals.  We will start with the basics of building a healthy nutritional foundation through whole foods, juicing, wholefood supplements, herbs, teas and/or tinctures.  It is a step by step process.  It takes many years to tear health down, so it will take time and commitment to build it back up. You set the pace on how quickly you would like to go.

Q. How many visits will I need?

A. It is my goal to educate you on how to incorporate these things and give you the comfort level so that it becomes part of your everyday living.  Depending upon your goals, I would like to be able to release you into the “I Feel Good” category in 3-4 visits.  You can always do a yearly tune-up to stay on track or take one of my classes to stay-in-the-know and meet like-minded people.  For an approximate time frame in the alternative world of healing, for every year you have suffered with an imbalance, it takes one month of dedication and work by you.